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The Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies at the Jindal Global Law School offers specially designed, fully accredited, one year full-time LLM and PhD programme with a global exposure for students seeking a world class Post-Graduate education in Law. CPGLS offers one year Master’s programme in the fields of Corporate and Financial Law and Policy, International Trade and Investment Law, Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Law, Taxation Law and a General LLM, wherein candidates will have maximum flexibility to customize the coursework by choosing from the university’s rich curriculum. These programmes provide an opportunity to enhance the student’s knowledge, broaden the understanding and develop specialized skills through advanced study of Law. The LLM and PhD programmes are academically rigorous, requiring students to produce at least one scholarly piece of writing of publishable quality during the course of their study.

The faculty at the Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies has a strong research orientation and LLM and PhD students are expected to contribute to faculty and research centre projects in the University. CPGLS promotes interdisciplinary studies, joint teaching and joint research programme in partnership with other Schools in the University and with partner Universities of the OP Jindal Global University with which JGU has established international collaborations and study abroad programmes.

Rigorous Academic Curriculum

As the most advanced degrees offered at JGLS, the LLM and the PhD programmes are designed to represent outstanding academic achievement. The intensive curriculum provides a number of electives on contemporary topics in our international and business oriented streams. The courses and curriculum reflect the contemporary needs of a rapidly changing global legal profession. While the fulfillment of academic credits is the basis for the completion of the programme, there is also a mandatory research component which gives students an opportunity to write on topics of contemporary legal significance. To meet the requirements of our programme, the independent research paper must be of publishable quality. Students will be supervised by a faculty member and provided with the necessary help to publish his/her independent research.

Our teaching pedagogy is based on the assumption that students pursuing an LLM degree have a strong academic background and basic understanding of their speciality area. Many of our courses are taught by both leading scholars and periodically by accomplished international and domestic practitioners. We have high faculty-student ratio of 1:3 and better interactive learning atmosphere.