Centre For Post Graduate Legal Studies

Human Rights Studies

The mission of the Centre is to undertake rigorous academic research, teaching, training and policy making in the field of human rights. The Centre focuses on the full range of human rights, including civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, and has a particular focus on human rights challenges and issues within India and the South Asia region. Through its activities, the Centre aims to contribute to the protection and promotion of international human rights law within the South Asia region and to raise awareness of these issues at the international level.


  • Research Intervention in the Case of Extrajudicial Encounter Victims’ Families Association, Manipur Union of India: CHRS has provided assistance to petitioners in the case of Extrajudicial Encounter Victims’ Families Association, Manipur v. Union of India currently pending before the Supreme Court of India. JGU Students were engaged in the project which involved field work and assisting in research and data collection in Manipur in pursuance to the orders of the Supreme Court. 
  • Project on Right to Water and Sanitation in India: This is an ongoing research project for Waterlex, a Geneva based organization working on the right to water and sanitation. The project comprises of five themes of research questions which need to be answered in relation to India. The themes are as follows:
  1. Water Governance Overview
  2. International and Regional Treaties
  3. Domestic Legislation on Water
  4. The Human Rights to Water and Sanitation Judiciary System. 
  • JGU Clinic: JGU Human Rights Clinic on the occasion of Human Rights Day at IHC on 10 December 2016 where activists from Manipur were also felicitated and the Chief Guest was Dr. Colin Gonsalves, Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court of India, and the Director of Human Rights Law Network.


  • Research project sponsored by the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D), MHA, titled ‘Etiology of Crimes relating to Terrorism and Extremism: A Comparative Analysis’.
  • Research project with the Election Commission of India titled ‘Report on the Analysis of Provisions under Part V, The Representation of Peoples Act, 1951’. The project related to the review of the Representation of Peoples Act, 1951 from an electoral reform perspective and JGU was amongst the four elite law schools selected to conduct it. The other law schools part of the project were NLSIU, Bangalore, NALSAR, Hyderabad and NLU, Delhi.
  • Two Regional Colloquiums for State Human Rights Institutions jointly with the All India Network of NGOs and Individuals working with National and State Human Rights Institutions (AiNNi) for the training of State Human Rights Commissions from North India during 15-16 July 2016 and 19-20 August 2016.
  • 5-day training Programme for fifteen officials from the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission held at the JGU campus between 11 – 16 March 2017 titled Capacity Building Programme in Human Rights Development, Law & Management.

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