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Mahatma Gandhi Center for Peace Studies

The Mahatma Gandhi Center for Peace Studies is an integral part of the O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU). JGU is a leading academic organization dedicated to promoting the philosophy of nonviolence and advancing peace studies nationally and globally. The Mahatma Gandhi Center for Peace Studies is committed towards enhancing research and developing knowledge in relation to all aspects of nonviolence and peace. The center conducts research and teaching that targets the reduction of violence in our world. It does so by developing the principles and practices of Gandhian nonviolence and by providing profound knowledge and understanding of the history and theory of nonviolence to students, scholars and all those who can positively contribute to spreading peace in the world. With the aim of establishing a value based research institute with global ambitions and capabilities, the Mahatma Gandhi Center for Peace Studies will strive to promote interdisciplinary studies in broad areas like conflictology, cultures of peace, mediation, and management of peace among others. The center hopes to build a global culture of peace in a world plagued by excessive violence.