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Testimonial CPGLS

  • The Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies (CPGLS) at the Jindal Global Law School has been a stepping stone towards my success.  As an awardee of the Haryana Domicile Fee Concession based on my LSAT score, I was truly privileged to have received this honour. Jindal stands for its ethos of providing global curriculum and international exposure. The college provides an array of elective courses which have multi-disciplinary approach, making our learning at Jindal a holistic one.

    The One Year LL.M. programme has been an enriching experience. As part of our curriculum, we were exposed to intensive research work and attended seminars presided by eminent academicians. The dedicated faculty members have constantly encouraged and facilitated my research work. I am also obliged and grateful to CPGLS for providing me unstinted support in securing a job as an In-House counsel for a leading e-commerce company. 

    In House counsel for a leading e-commerce company.  Selected through Campus Recruitment- May 2016

    - Aafreen Mitchelle Collaco
    LLM Student 2015 -16
  • The sole reason I came to the Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies, Jindal Global Law School was to enhance my marketability and eventually it got fructified. From my thought process to my personality, the gamut of experiences changed it all. Under the able supervision and guidance of the best faculty members, having both academic and industry experiences across the world, I carved a niche for myself. I am most profoundly grateful to Prof. Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik, Director, Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies for providing capacious opportunities to students who come from different colleges having different patterns of learning. I am blessed to have been a part of JGU as it is a revolution in academia. I would also like to mention the ardent efforts of the Career Development and Placement Division in helping each student getting placed with the best organizations, firms and litigators in the country as someone has rightly said that there is no better satisfaction than a job satisfaction. 

    The key highlights of this institution are its competent and abreast faculty and its comprehensive curriculum. Apart from the core and foundational subjects one gets to choose electives from possibly the widest range of subjects. Those super interactive lectures, guest lectures (by the biggest names in the legal and academic fraternity) and National and International Seminars, adorns a student to go out and implement all the learning and experiences assimilated.  I pursued LLM in IPR and with the best of guidance and versatile pedagogy from Prof. Arpan Banerjee, Prof. Indranath Gupta and Prof. Vishwas Devaiah, I find myself well apprised of the IP laws. My journey at JGLS was extraordinary. From making some real good friends to performing at Bollywood nights, I miss it all. I’ve had a life changing experience at this university. I never thought that my CV would be shortlisted by JSPL, Microsoft, and other top notch IP boutique law firms.

    I came to this institution with some ecstasy and a lot of tremulousness but this institution has instilled in me that much needed confidence. I hope I am able to put into action all the teachings imbibed and do the institution and my teachers even more proud through my future endeavours. It has been the best decision of my life to pursue LLM from the CPGLS, JGLS. I’ll always be indebted to this institution. Hands down it is the best law school in India!!!                                                                                                                          

    Formerly: Advocate (Chambers of SS Ray|Rakhi Ray), Supreme Court of India, In House Counsel, Jindal Steel and Power Limited. Selected through Campus Recruitment- May 2016.

    - Rishi Raj Jaiswal
    LLM Student 2015-2016
  • Doing my Masters of Law at the O.P. Jindal Global University has been one of the best phase of life. I was awarded Savitri Jindal and Means based Scholarship to pursue LLM at the Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies, JGLS. This one year has taught me so much, it has been such amazing experience, that, if given a chance I would have taken up my five-year law here as well. I would like to thank the faculty for being so patient and encouraging in dealing with our never ending doubts and questions, to help us understand the subject rather than mere learning it. We were provided with such wonderful opportunities to learn and connect with remarkable scholars and professionals leading in their respective fields.

    I have made few amazing friends in my colleagues and discovered wonderful mentors in my faculty here and I will always cherish the time spent here and the things I learned. And at the end, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for being given the opportunity to work at the University itself and will always love to be associated to the institution in one way or another.  I am happy to share that I am also selected as Research Associate/Assistant at Jindal Institute for Research on IP and Competition (JIRICO), O.P. Jindal Global University.

    Selected as Research Associate/Assistant at Jindal Institute for Research on IP and Competition (JIRICO), O.P. Jindal Global University.

    - Dipinn Verma
    LLM Student 2015-16
  • Coming to Jindal was a life changing decision I made, in terms of my higher education. I have gained many things from my duration at the O.P. Jindal Global University. The courses offered at the Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies, Jindal Global Law School provide a platform to improve practical skills in addition to the theoretical knowledge gained. The professors are well-versed in the subjects and are very approachable. They encourage students to participate actively in class and provide clarifications of doubts at any given time. The choice of electives provided by various professors are vast and students are given the option to pursue courses of interest to them and sharpen my skills in my field of choice.

    The Centre for Postgraduate Legal Studies, under the leadership of its Director Prof. Sridhar Patnaik Dabiru and Assistant Director Prof. Indranath Gupta provide all the encouragement and guidance one could hope for. They have been exemplary mentors and provided the necessary guidance to steer in the right direction and grow in character. Ms. Anitha Shibu, who is also a part of the CPGLS family, has provided us with immense support at any point of the day and we have always been able to go to her with any problem we had – from calling her after work hours to going to her office and badgering her for every small thing.

    The friends you make at Jindal act as a family at this home away from home. Everyone is friendly and it is quite easy to find your clique – to find people who get along with and who will help you through whatever problems you face.

    - Chatura Z Patil
    LLM Student 2015-2016
  • The LLM Program offered by Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies (CPGLS) at the OP Jindal Global University, in my opinion is definitely unparalleled in India. Looking back at my one year here gives me a lot of good memories. The college has world class infrastructure to supplement a really brilliant group of faculty members. It was the willingness of our Professors to constantly interact with us, both formally and informally, that taught me of new manner of thought processes, which made my experience here exceptionally enlightening.

    I came here as a neophyte, with aspirations of learning more in the field of corporate financial law, but by my own introspection, my perceptions were limited to only what was stated in the books. However, after just one year here, my perceptions about the interplay between corporate laws with the different fields of law has broadened the scope of my research. Moreover, the learning from classrooms was supplanted by monthly guest lectures and seminars, where I had an opportunity to interact with countless legal luminaries, and partners from big four law firms. Sincerely, the CPGLS program is the best thing ever to happen to my life so far, and I would like to thank Director Professor Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik and Professor Indranath Gupta, for being the beacons of the legal education. Now I plan to do a second LLM.

    - Raunaq Jaiswal
    LLM Student 2015-16
  • Pursuing an LLM at the Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies, Jindal Global Law School of the O.P. Jindal Global University is a memorable experience that I will never forget in my life. It was a great opportunity and enriching experience to pursue Masters’ here. Without my Parents’ support and being a recipient of Savitri Jindal Studentship and Means Based Scholarship, I would have never been able to pursue my LLM at the JGU. The best part of the Centre for Post Graduate Legal studies, Jindal Global Law School is that they provide ample opportunities for advancement of legal career by bringing renowned faculty members from around the world. With its world-class infrastructure and state of the art law library and global reading room that is open twenty-four hours, helps you build a strong academic acumen. Based on the kind of reading materials provided, assignments, interactive and thought provoking classroom teaching and holistic discussion, national and international conferences and distinguished public lectures by eminent guest speakers  - all these and many more have helped me in becoming a sound scholar. 

    I am grateful to Prof. Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik, who had always been a great support and motivation. Furthermore, I had also been offered to work as a Research Assistant under his supervision for a UN project of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Without his esteemed guidance and mentorship, I would never been able to see a sea change in myself academically and professionally as a scholar during one-year intensive LLM course. The teaching pedagogy and course curriculum at CPGLS had helped me in acquiring a global exposure. I had a great learning experience as a Graduate Research Assistant too at the Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies, Jindal Global Law School of O. P. Jindal Global University. All this has enabled my nomination by the JGU on merit basis to receive an offer of partial scholarship worth of fifty percent in academic tuition fees for Masters' at University of San Francisco School of Law, USA.

    - Gaurav Priyadarshi
    LLM Student 2015-2016
  • The experience in this University has personally been one of the best I could have ever imagined. Here I got an opportunity to nurture myself further under the guidance of some of the best faculty members any Indian Institute can have which helped me broaden my horizons beyond my previously set personal and professional agenda. The number of interactions I had with some of the world's most renowned personalities is another take away that I shall cherish forever. I am proud to have made a decision to join this Institution and I completely owe my career to this University and to the Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies under the supervision of our Professor Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik. I am also thankful to the CPGLS for facilitating me obtain a job as an Associate in Clutch Group, Bangalore.

    Associate in Clutch Group, Bangalore.  Selected through Campus Recruitment- May 2016.

    - Sumangal Rajkonwar
    LLM Student 2015 16
  • After completing first day of my LLM classes at the Jindal Global University, I was pretty sure that my experience here would take me to great heights in the future. The most exciting aspect of Jindal is the opportunity to interact and gain experience from faculty members who have global exposure and wide range of experience in their respective fields. The freedom given by them to think and articulate new things is one the great attributes of this university. With this training, I am now joining family business as Director in Jagathguru Technology P Ltd Chennai. The business focuses on Compliance Management for Power and energy industries in Tamil Nadu.

    Advocate Madras High Court and Director in Company Jagathguru Technology P Ltd Chennai.

    - Narayanan Chandrasekar R
    LLM Student 2015 - 16
  • Coming to Jindal Global Law School for an LLM was the best decision of my life.  The pone year LLM programme at the Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies, Jindal Global Law School is a curriculum defined by excellence.  It is surprising how effectively a one year course can change the way one thinks.  The course offers a brilliant classroom experience.  Under the guidance of well trained and experienced faculty we get a global insight on subjects.  The classes are always interactive and thought provoking. 

    The course is structured around a well-planned curriculum interspersed with research based assessments.  The research based course structure not only helps in honing one’s analytical skills, but also aids in channeling the thoughts in a more scientific manner.  The Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies has always supported all student initiatives and has in fact, worked incessantly to provide better academic opportunities.  The wide ranged interactive discussions including multiple national and international conferences exposed us to various perspectives on many issues.

    On a personal level, my take-away from the experiences in this University is to always keep an open mind.  While I originally had plans of entering the field of Labour Law, I soon found myself wanting to specialize in fields ranging from Environmental Law to Tax Law.  I was given several opportunities to explore all my interests.  With a little help from my friends and a lot of support from the faculty I managed to make the most out of this course.

    - Rahul Mahatme
    LLM Student 2014-2015
  • I took admission in the O.P Jindal Global University for pursuing my LLM.  The reason for choosing O.P Jindal Global University was due to its multidisciplinary focus, emphasis on legal research, state of the art library that is open 24 hours and the support of Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies (CPGLS) that can maximize the potential and broaden the thinking process, which will be very helpful in the long run for a student to boost its confidence and improve his ideology.

    When I started, of course I was not the brightest among the lot, but with the constant support, faith and motivation shown by Prof. Sridhar Patnaik, if built a confidence within, if you will be dedicated and motivated towards your goals you can literally achieve anything.  The faculty helped me in each and every step, and guided me constantly to broaden my interest and acumen over the areas of law, where I was interested in.

    During this one year LLM programme, I got an opportunity to study one semester in East China University of Political Sciences and Law (ECUPL) situated in Shanghai, as an exchange student (February, 2015).  Going to China was an immense experience that practically opened a pathway for my career.  Being an exchange student there, I was offered an internship opportunity at Goldman Sachs, from one of my Professor at ECUPL and even Odisha Engineering Corporation (OEC) has offered me a job as a Junior Legal Officer.  I sincerely thank CPGLS and Prof. Sridhar Patnaik, for supporting and providing all the opportunities that I dreamt of and deserved.

    - Jagdish Biswal
    LLM student 2014-2015