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Testimonial CPGLS

  • Last year, after graduating from Dr. R.M.L National Law University Lucknow,  I decided to join the Master of Laws program (International Trade and Investment Law) at the Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies (CPGLS) of the Jindal Global Law School.  I was confident that, an opportunity to be a part of CPGLS under the able supervision of India’s best academicians who have graduated from the world’s leading universities and the company of extremely talented and motivated peers, will transform me into an able legal expert in the field of international legal and economic governance and help in realizing my dreams of serving the legal world and the society.  The CPGLS pedagogy and the teaching modules of the LLM programme have provided me a much-sought opportunity to have a deep understanding of Legal, Economic, and Political aspects of governance of global trade relations and investment decisions.  It is because of the exposure that the CPGLS provides that I got selected for a number of prestigious institutes and have decided to join the University of Barvelona’s IELPO programme post LLM here

    - Akshay Sharma
    LLM Student 2014-2015
  • My special thanks to the Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies (CPGLS) for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this great institution.  It was a great experience being here.  With all the smile and happiness, I would again like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts about the institution, my experience and the faculty.  Jindal is an institution of extensive learning, flexibility to share thought process with faculty members, institution where professors share their passionate understanding about the subject and knowledge with the students.  This in turn gives an inspiration for in-depth learning on specific topics, independently doing projects gives authority clubbed with responsibility.  I am taking back this positive attitude with me and this will help me throughout my professional life.  For me, life has changed in a way that I got new ways of thinking, approaching and solving any problem that counter me.  Journey was remarkable.  It was a great experience in terms of learning, sharing and comprehending myself with every day of learning the task.  It’s not just a one year course, but its life time learning experience for me, special thanks to Professor Sridhar Patnaik, the way he taught us new tools of research and writing on any topic and Professor Indranath Gupta on day-to-day activities on writing, report submission and various other tasks of CPGLS.  This one year was turning point for me as I have gained knowledge that not only prospects my future but also enriches my skills in terms of writing, thinking and exploring myself in different ways.  I have met many people, I truly enjoyed with everybody I came across.  I met really great people at campus who contributed to my experience and learning in one or other way.  Special thanks to all of them.  Activities organized by different schools was a way to meet new people.

    My special thanks to CPGLS for their constant support and cooperation all the time whenever I needed.  I enjoyed here every bit of second and never took any leave from campus.  I was regular student and attended all my classes without any off from classes, as I think missing any class would affect my studies.  This campus is full of positive energy all around and is total mind relaxing place, one can enrich oneself after coming to this campus.  I am feeling so proud that I was the part of this great institution.  Once again special thanks to Professor Sridhar Sir and Indranath Sir.

    I would really miss my past, places, time, memories, smiles…..I can relate to everything I leave behind.  I feel blessed today.


    - Ashu Lamba
    LLM Student 2014-2015
  • I remember, I was a bit uncertain when I first come to the college but I was still determined to do my best.  I would simply say that this has been the best year of my life in terms of education and tremendous opportunities that were provided to me throughout the course and would surely consider it to be a year of my life that I will never forget.  The challenges I’ve encountered, the friends I’ve made, all the things I’ve learnt, the various seminars   that I have attended, all of this I will take with me into the next step of my life.  And I believe it has made me better equipped to face whatever challenges that I might face in the future.

    The Centre for Post Graduate Legal studies (CPGLS), Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) has been tremendously co-operative in helping me to realize my career goals and ambitions.  This institution of higher studies is undoubtedly one of the best in terms of the quality of education provided at an LLM level.  I would like to express my sincere thanks to Prof. Sridhar Patnaik for being greatly supportive in all my endeavors and helping me to better myself both academically and as a lawyer.  I owe a huge chunk of my success here at JGLS and in securing for myself good job with JSPL to my professors and the SPGLS.  I sincerely thank you for the various opportunities that were presented to the students to excel in their respective fields of interest.

    No words that I write will be able to accurately express the magnitude of superb quality that CPGLS has in its faculty and staff.  I am hugely indebted to every department on this campus including but not limited to the faculty, administration, student services, registrar, clinical departments, all the way to the maintenance and IT departments.  Each of these exceptional departments have demonstrated quality service and dedication to excellence.

    With graduation nearing, I now look out into the horizon with confidence and determination.  I know the education and experiences that I have received will continue to support me in my upcoming journey.  My time at the CPGLS has been a great learning curve and I wish this young institution all the best in its endeavors to transform legal education in the country.  I sincerely hope that many more students like me benefit greatly from this institution of higher learning and move on to make a difference in the world.


    - Sachin Nair
    LLM Student 2014-2015
  • Successfully completing Masters of Law from an institution like O.P Jindal Global University is a moment of pride and achievement for me.  After being granted admission in the Law School and before the commencement of the first semester, I was actually hesitant about various aspects such as studying in a private institution, behavior of administration, faculty members and fellow students.  But with the commencement of the first semester, the academic and social atmosphere provided for all students made me realize that there is nothing to be worried about.

    The one year course was obviously intense to some extent but the guidance and assistance of the Centre for Postgraduate Legal Studies helped us to utilize every opportunity provided by the Institution and thus, increased out knowledge. Conferences, round tables, research, critical studies and pushing students to read and form their own thoughts about related subjects and issues are some of the outstanding opportunities I can mention herein.

    All the opportunities throughout the course have enabled me become more knowledgeable and the experience as a result of this has helped me to easily deal with various legal and other issues both in professional and daily life.  I would like to wholeheartedly thank the institution, in particular the Centre for Postgraduate Legal Studies for always being there beside the students and providing every possible opportunity to learn and experience Postgraduate Legal Studies.  I see a different person in myself now; with more knowledge and confidence.


    - Waliullah Zadran
    LLM student 2014-2015
  • It is an unmatched experience in terms of knowledge quotient with the very best faculty and resources.  The place has an infectious zest and untamed zeal to perform which becomes part of you before you know it.  JGU is definitely true to its vision.  It widens your horizons, opens you up to multiple opportunities and gives you a global platform to transform you aspirations into reality.

    - Akanksha
    LLM Student 2012-2014
  • My academic life in this University started with an opportunity to undertake LLM programme with a multidisciplinary focus.  JGLS faculty members guided, mentored and enriched my experience as a Postgraduate Student of Law.  During two years LLM programme at Jindal Global Law School, I had an opportunity to study at Maurer School of Law, Indiana University,  United States of America as an exchange student (Fall 2013).  It was an extremely good experience.  I realized how cross-country culture changes the thinking pattern of an individual and importance of global exposure for a student for better understanding and knowledge sharing.  I am happy to share that I am now going to China for my second LLM.  Based on my interest, I have been nominated by the JGLS for a Chinese Government Scholarship to pursue LLM in Chinese Law at the prestigious Zhejiang University known as Cambridge at the East, and I am happy that I have been selected for the same.  The campus also ensures best accommodation, food, health care facilities in the campus.  The 24 hours security and cleaning make student life productive and fruitful.  I has the most amazing two years of my student life.


    - Mukul Rani Parajuli
    LLM Student 2012-2014
  • It is very often that you are required to make a choice, and every choice you make, actually makes a difference to your legal career.  Nevertheless, after two years of extensive training as an LLM student at the Jindal Global Law School, I can confidently say that I have made the right choice to enhance and explore not only my areas of specialization, but also other subjects in the periphery.  Choosing Jindal LLM over Queen Mary London has been the right choice.  The self-assurance that JGLS gave me, to not only deal with academic pressures in India, but also abroad, makes me believe that I could not have got similar education, in any other institution in India.  The faculty here strives hard to make students proficient and obtain complete understanding of a subject.  The research based approach, exceptional faculty, encouraging peers and excellent infrastructure has ensured that every alumni of JGLS steps out of the University with complete vigilance and preparedness to confront every test in the highly competitive world.  I am thankful to JGLS for making my two years Post Graduate programme the most conversant and a memorable journey.  Thank you once again.


    - Pooja Sunil Terwad
    LLM Student 2012-2014
  • Life at Jindal Global Law School is the most treasured part of my life.  It served me an excellent academic environment to study LLM.  The Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies (CPGLS) at the Jindal Global Law School provided me eminent resources which inspired me to work hard and fair well.  I consider myself to be blessed to be an alumni of this prominent institution.  I would recommend this institution to any young student looking for a right place to pursue legal education

    - Bujji Babu Mailapalli
    LLM Student 2013-2014
  • I am from Maputo, Mozambique.  I am working as a Senior Law Lecturer, and I was nominated by the Government of Mozambique to pursue the One year LLM at the Jindal Global Law School.  Regarding the academic aspect – JGU has an integrated campus with facilities that enable better learning.  I highlight in this matter two elements:  A well-equipped library and internet for 24 hours.  That helped me a lot, although I have not been a brilliant student, as would like to be.  But even so, I had an interesting academic profile.  The training I received at the JGLS is on par with any internationally reputed university and it will be very useful when I resume teaching responsibilities in Mozambique.  I short, I made many friends among professors, classmates and staff of the JGU and I am returning of my country with good references to this university and I wish the next international students many happy returns.  Very briefly, I think, the Jindal Global Law School of OPJGU will lead the ranking in India and the world.

    - Luis Jaime Marqus
    LLM 2013-2014
  • Pursuing LLM at Jindal has proved to be a boon for me.  Excellent faculties from around the world, fantabulous course curriculum, world-class infrastructure, stress on research and academic freedom given to the students are some of the reasons why I chose Jindal.  In less than a year I can feel a drastic change in the quality of my research abilities and originality of thought.  The academic exposure which I have received here in totality is unparalleled to many good universities across the world.  Also, various research centres are there to which a student can get attached with and pursue his research in order to gain a deeper insight in the particular field of law.  Pursuing one year LLM at the JGLS has been a fruitful and life changing experience for me.  What I have gained in this short span of time is priceless and I would savor it for year to come

    - Mr. Saarth Dhingra
    LLM 2013-2014